Welcome To The Great British Pitchfest at LSFAccelerate

What is it? An opportunity to meet and chat with powerful Agents, Executives and active Producers; the people who have the power to make your projects happen.


It’s exciting, fun and could change your career forever!


Who wants to hear YOUR pitch?


Sixty professionals from over 50 companies heard pitches in 2018 at the London Screenwriters Festival, leading to hundreds of script requests.


Execs, Producers, Directors and Agents attended from these companies between 2015 and 2018:


How Does It Work?


The Pitchfest Booking System will go live at midday (12 noon UK time) on 26th October.


Delegates will receive an email about how to book their session nearer the time.


As an LSFAcclereate delegate, you have the opportunity to pitch your project to agents, producers or commissioners in one of our pitching sessions.


This means face-to-face time with the very people who could launch your career, option your script or offer insight into your projects and how to improve your pitching techniques.


Who Can You Expect To Be Present?


You can expect the cream of the British TV and Film industry, as well as hungry and emerging producers looking for new relationships.


So, do you want to pitch YOUR idea at the Great British Pitchfest? NOTE places are limited and competition is fierce so please be ready to book your desired slot on the day the sessions go live.


New for LSFAccelerate


Following on from the uber successful Talent Campus 'Crucible' Pitching experience, we will be offering some of our pitch sessions as 'Pitch Parties'.


No timing, no tables, no structure... Just a room of writers and execs.


This suits more experienced 'pitchers' and the execs too as it becomes more social. These 'pitch parties' will be clearly marked so you choose a traditional pitch session or pitch party.

'I pitched my script to an agent at the festival and five months later, after a rewrite using what I learned at the LSF, I've just been signed by that agent!'

Hayley November, Screenwriter

Here’s how it works

  1. Buy your pass to LSFAccelerate.
  2. Check out the producers, execs and agents and make a list of who you would like to pitch to (list of pitchees goes live in August.)
  3. 26th October at midday, the Pitch Fest Booking System goes live (you will be sent this link in an email).
  4. Login and select your chosen session based on who you want to pitch to. YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE NINETY-MINUTE SLOT ONLY.
  5. NOTE – Slots go VERY quickly once the booking system goes live.
  6. You are now booked into the Great British Pitchfest and you will have a time slot and list of pitchees.
  7. Get researching your pitchees and rehearsing your pitch!
  8. Check you have enough business cards.

'I couldn't believe the response... of the 8 companies I pitched, 6 requested scripts and 2 requested one pagers.'

Duane Kulikowsky, Screenwriter

On The Day Of Your Pitch

  1. Turn up on time to your pitching session.
  2. There will be ten execs, producers or agents present for you to pitch to.
  3. There will be 30 delegates pitching.
  4. The session lasts 90 minutes.
  5. There will be a queue for each pitchee; choose who you want to pitch and get in line.
  6. Once you have pitched, choose who you want to pitch to next and get in line.
  7. Do the maths and you will get between 3 and 8 pitches depending on which queues you join.
  8. Get there early to be first in line!
  9. After each session, if a pitchee wants to discuss your project more, it’s up to you to get contact details and follow up. WE WILL NOT SUPPLY CONTACT DETAILS LATER.

What do our Execs think of the Great British Pitchfest?

‘It was amazing, and one of the best festivals that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I feel like there was great talent there… And I hope to find a client or so!!’
Brandy Rivers, Agent at The Gersh Agency, Hollywood

‘The passion of these writers is an inspiration and a timely reminder (for me) of their importance.  I will be sifting through every pitch page I was given during the run-up to Christmas. I know there are at least 3 which piqued enough interest for a legitimate follow-up.’
Daniel O’toole – Producer, Reel Art Media, Pinewood Studios

‘I had an absolutely amazing experience… three projects in particular stood out for me and I plan to follow up with the writers.’
Richard Cardona, Creative Executive, After Dark Films

‘It’s simply one of the best events I’ve been to because it’s all about the delegates — tremendous opportunities to pitch and network as well as great information in the sessions. It’s the sort of weekend that’s designed to make a difference, and it really follows through on that promise.’
Luke Ryan, Paramount